Getting around Trujillo

Most visitors spending a few days in Trujillo will spend get around the city on foot or in Taxis.  However, if you want to save on taxis, public transport options are available.


The center of Trujillo is very walkable.   To cross from one side of the historic center (Circled by Avenida España) to the other takes about 30 minutes on foot.  It is important to be alert crossing roads as drivers often do not signal, and will often cross red lights.

Micros, Combis & Collectivos

Micros and  combis are fairly small buses that can be seen and herd all over the city, apart from the historical center.  Many of the buses are old, and operate with a driver and a conductor, who will charge the fare during the trip.  This is typically 1 sol on city routes and 1.50 sol to Huanchaco.  Newer micros often just have a driver who collects the fare on entrance to the bus.

For a more intimate experience at the same cost, collectives run along the main avenues of the city.  Here the driver of a car picks up passengers along the way with each person squeezing up to to their neighbors.

There are very few bus stops in Trujillo and passengers typically get off and on on street corners


There are a huge number of taxis operating in Trujillo.  Taxis are registered with taxi companies and most are safe and honest doing an adequate job getting people from A to B.   Nevertheless, you should always agree the fare before beginning a journey.  Also make sure the car has signage and a roof sign, to be sure it is a formal taxi.